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Denik Service
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sc denik service srl
International freight transport company

About us

We are an international transport company since 1995 with a correct business strategy and mentality and with a style of work based on quality and performance. Annually we have developed the auto park and become for our customers a reliable stable, efficient and comfortable partener.
Each customer that we shake hands with, at the end of the contract is further evidence for us as we do our job properly. In transport we delivers trust and professionalism.
The key to a transport company means more than the number of trucks that we have in the park, it means adapting to each client and definitely give personalized service to transport requirements. All this is achieved by promptly, won trust and confidence kilometer by kilometer and total transparency by transport costs.

We deliver your goods anywhere in Europe in the best way, safely and promptly. We are totally dedicated to you to be satisfied with our service and that your goods arrive in the shortest time at the destination. Transport is important for you and us alike.

We offer a wide range of transport services which include:


With us you have the guarantee of a fair and effective collaborations. We offer total transparency in the costs of transport, professional drivers and most reliable trucks. With us you guarantee that your cargo will reach its destination in the most optimal conditions.


We provide our logistics experience which was born from the passion for transport. Our basic rule is customer satisfaction because a satisfied customer will come back with another job.


We know how important it is to have goods delivered without problems, so we do our best to ensure that. Any unexpected event is carefully monitored by our dispatchers !

Jobs / Useful links

If you want to be part of our team, send us your CV !

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The fleet

We have a fleet of vehicles at European standards, drivers with minimum 10 years experience in domestic and international freight transport, guarantee perfect condition throughout the transportation of goods and we provide compensation for any damage caused by an unexpected accident.

Our team

We are a dynamic team with experienced people - real professionals who know their work closely and fully mastered, the team for which the transport has no secrets, a team that supports each day as a new challenge. Creating a good working atmosphere, a strong team spirit and sense of new, form the basis of our management policy. Order and discipline, reliability, timeliness, speed and professionalism are especially the base of the team.
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Sandu Florin
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Sandu Buscu Adrian
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Voicu Catalin
Transport manager
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Badeata claudiu
Transport manager
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Nita Carmen Daniela


Please contact us using the details below. Complete the online form to contact us for any question, suggestion and price quotation.
Contact details:
Bascov - Jud. Arges, Str. Mierlusesti Nr. 22 - Romania.
+004 0761 692 686
+004 0761 692 650
+004 0348 410 309
Email us:


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